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Suzhou Tours

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China tour Suzhou experience

Suzhou is situated next to Shanghai, is both the second largest industrial city in China and the second largest city among the cities in the Yangtze Delta. Well know to the west as an important centre for China’s silk industry since the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279).

The city located in the southeast of Jiangsu province, Suzhou – Chinese name as ‘Suzhou’ with over 2,500 years of rich history. One of the top tourist attractions in China are the city’s canals, stone bridges, pagodas and meticulously classical gardens in Suzhou were added to the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Founded in 514 BC, Suzhou is known as the Venice of the East. It was named by early travellers because the 40 town was built around a network of canals and 300 crisscrossing bridges that fanned out from the Grand Canal.

The National Embroidery Institute was established in 1957 to pre- serve and furthers the study of silk embroidery, an important activity in Suzhou for more than 1,000 years. Its exquisite embroideries are often presented to foreign dignitaries. Suzhou is located 22 kilometres west of Shanghai, less than one hour by train.

Most tourists visiting Shanghai will take a day or two trips to Suzhou for the attractions like Suzhou Silk museum, Classical Gardens of Suzhou, Tiger Hill, Garden of Master of Nets, Humble Administrator’s Garden, Canglang Pavilion, Lion Grove Garden, Zhouzhuang, Hanshan Temple, Tongli Town, West Garden Temple, Xuanmiao Temple and many more. Most tourists like me visited Suzhou, always ended up with the purchases of silk products like silk beddings, quilt & cover, and other garments. If you haven’t check out the silk in the city, you haven’t been to Suzhou.

Tours Including Suzhou

Select one of our fully guided tours that features suzhou for more information:
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Seasonal Tour - April (7 days)

Big Spring time, let's go for a trip to Suzhou and Hangzhou, for an ancient river town visiting that green with willows and red with flowers.
Tour code: ST4
start point: Shanghai
end point: Shanghai
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Experience Nature and Culture Tour (14 days)

Guilin, Yangshuo, Xian, Beijing

After a tour to modern city Shanghai, this tour will focus on a photograph journey to Suzhou, Hangzhou and Guilin, to appreciate the marvelous natural landscape there.

Tour code: GTC08
start point: Shanghai
end point: Beijing
prices from:
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China Panorama Tour (21 days)

Beijing, Xian, Lhasa, Chongqing, Yangtze River Cruise, Yichang, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Guilin, Hong Kong

Rich in cultural relics and natural resources, wanna travel through China to appreciate its most popular landscapes, to discover its inner spirit in one time.

Tour code: GTC10
start point: Beijing
end point: Hong Kong
prices from:
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